Why? vs Where?

So this idea has been lingering in my head for the past week and inspired my post for the day. We as people find ourselves in situations and conflicts where we ask ourselves "Why me?"

Why didn't I get the job I wanted, why am I not seeing results in the gym, why does it seem everything is out to get me? This approach not only is an incorrect way to deal with these situations, but breeds negativity going throughout the rest of your day.

Allowing yourself to be a victim and not taking responsibility for your shortcomings will reflect in all facets of your life. People seem to immediately put the blame on everything else except for themselves when they didn't receive exactly what they wanted. Shoving blame onto others will create a false perception of what the reality of the situation is and what mindset you will have going forward.

Instead of asking "Why?", I want you to start asking "Where?" What will this shortcoming of mine lead to and where can I go from here? How can I as a person look to continuously develop and grow from my downfall.

This way of thinking spins situations into a positive light. Allowing yourself to grow from what you didn't achieve and going back to the drawing board for more training in order to achieve that goal. As you ask the question "where" you will also start to appreciate the process. What all it takes to achieve what your looking to achieve. Appreciation of the process breeds positivity and continuous development for whatever your end goal is.

As you begin to develop this mindset you will seem to have this idea carry on throughout many other areas. For example for myself as I developed this mindset, I realized I was a better servant to my community. Asking this question of where, I began to look to help others with achieving their end goal of what their passionate about. This entire blog is a good example of this due to me continuously asking where I can go to eventually develop this into something that reaches thousands of people.

Start today by stopping yourself from asking "Why?" but begin to ask yourself "Where?". Seeking an end goal by continuous development and mapping out where you want to go will lead you to success as a person, family member, friend, and employee.

I hope everyone has an incredible weekend. Continue to grow yourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally each day.

P.S. Be on the lookout within the next few days for the first episode of the Struggle to Sovereignty Podcast!

In Strength,

Brett Ferguson


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