Stop Being Afraid

I was afraid of the new.

Starting a community like the Struggle to Sovereignty has been unbelievable. Throughout my life I always felt at some point I would have a medium to speak with a community of people about my ideals. Passionate ideals, continuous improvement, and motivation have always been at the forefront of my mind. But, I ask myself this morning "How did my path lead to this point in my life?" Football was my identity growing up, I was able to establish mentors at an early age and have these ideals instilled into my soul. After my identity changed once the sport was gone, I was lost. Lost in the mix of complacency and self aggrandizement through mediums that were not up to the standard I want to achieve as a man.

Just take one step.

Sending a countless number of emails to Sorinex Exercise Equipment to try and establish an internship my Sophomore year was my first step. Once here I was able to meet some of the most incredible people in my life. This company surrounded me with successful people, positive ideals, and constant support.

Take another step.

Anytime I had available away from school, I looked to spend time in the office. Learning from the best in the business and instilling their ideals into my being to continuously improve. During this time I got stronger, more intellectual, and humbler.

Keep taking steps.

Summer Strong 12 was a turning point for my life and how I wanted to impact people. After a period of time self-reflecting on my life and who i wanted to be. Developing a blog was my original thought. During this event I went and talked to as many people I could find who administer a blog/podcast. I gained knowledge on what my plan needs to be.

I stopped being afraid of the new.

Now about four months later from my first Facebook post, I am so thankful for this process. Creating a new path for my life was terrifying because I never wanted my identity taken away from me again. That was such a selfish notion; I must be the best son, student, friend, employee, and eventual father I possibly can be. Continuously widening the gap from who I was to who I can be. Thank you all for being apart of my journey thus far. This is only the beginning and I will continue to promote a community to reach the unreachable.


In Strength,

Brett Ferguson


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