Quality of Human Thought

We as people look introspectively quite a bit. Worrying about what others think of us, how we look, and what our actions are doing to carry us forward throughout life. The quality of human thought is crucial as we go throughout life to really understand who we are as people. What our aspirations entail, and also a large majority of the decisions we make as people.

There are three levels of awareness in the human mind: conscious, unconscious, and preconscious. Now, I am no psychology major so my understanding of each level of the human mind is pretty surface level.

-The conscious mind is able to gather information, analyze, and produce an intelligent response to a situation that arises, somewhat the "awake" mind.

-The unconscious mind is a part of the human mind which is inaccessible to the conscious

mind, but affects emotions and behaviors in all humans.

-The preconscious mind is the area of the human mind that is right below the conscious human mind. Able to access information that is not at the forefront of the conscious mind. Ideas that are stored away for future use.

Within each of these levels of the human mind, there is something that makes each level so incredibly similar. Each level is affected by the quality of thoughts a human has each and every day.

Our minds are such a complex entity that people work endlessly to understand. With modern day technology and our intelligence as people at an all time high, why can't human's figure out the issues that have a direct correlation to mental health diseases? I believe it starts with looking introspectively and changing the quality of our thoughts.

Accomplishing your aspirations doesn't just start when you wake up in the morning. It's instilled into your mind 24 hours seven days a week. Improving the quality of your thoughts, allowing your downfalls to be shed in a positive light, and creating a benchmark for what you look to achieve is paramount for starting a healthy life.

Negative influences, ideals, and verbiage is found EVERYWHERE you look. Separating yourself from these negative influences and allowing positive thoughts to flow throughout your mind is crucial for whatever you look to achieve.

Personally I have found creating time throughout my day to separate myself from people, listen to positive music, and really look introspectively has helped me an unbelievable amount. Normally I do this after I get my morning coffee, where I will turn on my speaker, sit silently and let my mind flow into ideals where I can improve each and every facet in my life. This practice has helped me reach new heights as I have looked to appease people and also look to others to gain my happiness.

Even though your relationships with others is crucial to living a positive life, each person needs time to themselves to really understand what YOU want to achieve.

I challenge you today, create time for yourself to look introspectively. Think about what you are doing for your life right now and critique each action by looking to improve daily. Improve the overall quality of your thoughts by looking to continuously achieve this idea of sovereignty, as this is an idea never fully achieved, but acted upon each day to be a better person.

In Strength,

Brett Ferguson



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