My Biggest Failure

Over the past month I have been emailing and talking with highly esteemed professionals from many different sectors of employment. Asking a simple five question prompt to them, I have been able to start compiling a list of thoughts and ideas they expressed to me which I feel would be beneficial to share. Over the next coming weeks I will be releasing my conversations with them in the same fashion I have been posting on a regular basis. Speaking with these individuals gave me the idea for today's post; what has been my biggest failure? It's taken me a while to discuss this topic as it is a pretty emotional subject for myself.

Growing up if you knew anything about me, you probably knew my passion and love for the game of football. Starting at a young age, this game taught me more information about life than I could ever imagine. The values football taught me were: dealing with adversity, pushing boundaries physically and mentally, working with a team, allowing yourself to be coachable, and always giving 100% effort. All of these values being paramount for a happy and successful life.

Like any adolescent boy playing football, watching TV on Saturdays and seeing the dreamlike atmosphere's across the nation was a motivator for what I wanted to accomplish. The idea of playing college football remained constant in my motivation to constantly achieve greatness in the sport.

Starting college I thought I had finally reached my goal when I received a scholarship to play football. My world was soon to be turned upside down. Due to many different factors with my health, issues with the school, and many other things I finally had to hang up my cleats for the last time. With football being my identity for most of my life, what do I do now?


Some may argue "But you made it! You got a college scholarship." My dream wasn't to receive a scholarship, my dream was to PLAY college football. After leaving football and my school at the time, my life spiraled downward out of control. I learned to cope with unhealthy alternatives to take the pain away of disappointing myself, my family, my friends, and my hometown.


Flash forward to today and what I have learned from these struggles. I firmly believe that no matter what, with a positive attitude, mindset to get better, and doing what you love will make everything in your life work itself out. If you asked me three years ago I could have never told you I would be working for a company outfitting the same college, and professional teams I watched on TV as a little kid with weightlifting equipment. Also there was absolutely no way you could tell me I would be wearing garnet every game day (ironic right?).


What you have idealized right now, might not be where you end up. Learn to adapt and grow with where life leads you. Firmly I can say I am in a happier place in life with my work, my health, my relationships, and my mental health than I ever have been. Open yourself to fail today. Allow even your biggest failures which you thought to be in insurmountable to be conquered.

Thank you all for reading this today. Its taken me a while to put this post out but I realized in order to help others, I must show transparency in my failures. As always if you have any questions or want to discuss anything please feel free to reach out. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

In Strength,

Brett Ferguson


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