Focus on today

Sometimes I feel like I am always focused on the future, not giving time to appreciate the now. Realistically for me this is the last summer I will be able to spend as a student without being an employee full time at an organization. For some reason though my mind is fixated on next summer and what I am going to be able to accomplish THEN. What I need to do is take a step back, look around, and realize that I will never get this day back.... Ever...

Looking to accomplish a great deal in the future is not a bad notion to have, but sometimes what you dream for in the future can be started right NOW. Laying the foundation for what is yet to come is crucial to the development of your craft. As you create this foundation for yourself, you find mentors, knowledge and a newfound spirit within what you love. Then eventually when your time comes to step up into the role you have so long desired, you will be prepared with the knowledge and desire to do so.

As we start this week begin to focus on today. Lay the foundation for the success that is yet to come. Give your mind, body and soul to what you love right now. Because I guarantee when you do, amazing things will come from it.

Please feel free to always if you have questions and please let me know what your thoughts on this topic are. Have a blessed day everyone.

In Strength,

Brett Ferguson


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