Each Day is an Opportunity

I woke up this morning on about three hours of sleep after working until 4:00 AM last night. In a groggy state, I looked to my alarm clock that was blasting at 7:00 AM this morning to wake me up to workout before my other job at 9:00 AM. I began to say to myself "Man, all I want to do is go back to bed right now." As I went to hit the snooze button my alarm to catch another 10 minutes of sleep I couldn't help but see a note I left myself on my phone. The note stated "Mediocrity is achieved by accomplishing nothing."

Reading this immediately gave me the willpower to get up, get ready and make Friday April 5th 2019 the best day possible. Each day an opportunity presents itself with two choices:

1. Put in the work in order to be better than I was the day before. OR 2. Ignore the opportunity due to self appeasement, roll over, and become worse than I was the day before.

Now the idea of getting better or becoming worse is a universal notion. This doesn't just apply to working out, this apply's to every facet of a person's life. For example, a student has a decision when preparing for a test. They can either:

1. Study for the test and delve deep into the material presented to them to achieve a good grade. OR 2. Take no course of action to study the material, arrive at the test with no preparation, and perform poorly bringing their overall GPA down.

This notion apply's to almost every conflict that arises in a person's life. This is why I invest myself so heavily into the strength industry. Each waking moment a person has the opportunity to take at least 45 minutes out of their day to better their overall well-being by working out. As simple as the act of working out is, it goes far beyond the act of simply training your body. It teaches you self discipline, consistency, and time management. All of the values that working out teaches you, reflects the actions you will most likely perform in all other facets of life.

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL officer, who now works as a leadership instructor, speaker and executive coach. He created a podcast entitled "Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, Pt. 1" One of the episodes in this podcast series is called "Every Day" (I will link the episode at the end of this post). In this episode he states "This isn't a part time gig. This isn't a punch the clock and go home for the day. You don't get weekends off. No, here there is no such thing as a weekend, this is a every day gig. Every day is a Monday and you might not like that. Me? I love it." This powerful episode to the series shed's light onto the overarching theme of getting better every single day.

Life doesn't give you a break or time to relax from achieving the most you possibly can. Life is a grind, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, you must make the choice to become better each and every day.

As my today rolls on, I look to make this day the best I possibly can. This day gives me the opportunity to get stronger, faster, smarter, and to become an overall better man. Make the decision today to go out and get better. Because if I can guarantee you one thing, no one regrets moving one step forward instead of two steps back.

Have a blessed day everyone.

In Strength, Brett Ferguson


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