Carl Jung - Dreaming

I wanted to share something that I overheard this weekend while attending my cousins wedding. I was approached by a number of my family members discussing what I am currently doing at Sorinex and also with the development of this blog. As I was sitting by the fire with a number of people after the reception I heard someone say:

"He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

Wow, what a thought I immediately wanted to break it down further. What does it mean to dream? There are two separate definitions of a dream. The first is "a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep." While the second definition of a dream states "a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal." So to dream is just an aspiration of a goal or a sensation that occurs only during sleep? I don't believe that's good enough for me.

What does it mean to awake? The definition of awake is "stop sleeping; wake from sleep." That sounds better to me. Awakening is the realization that in order to fulfill a dream, you have to get up, and create a path between you and what you look to achieve. Everyone dreams, because its a thought of a better life than what you have right now.

Why keep dreaming when you can wake up and do something about it right now?

Awake from your dreams, look introspectively to make yourself better and do something about it. Constant progression each day to achieve your goals makes your dreams cease to exist and makes your aspirations a reality.

As you go into this week begin to look at yourselves and awake from your dreams. Create the connection between your reality and the dreams you look to achieve.

Have a blessed day everyone.

In Strength,

Brett Ferguson


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