Allow yourself to make a change

I have a little story from last night that was on my heart to share with everyone.

So last night I was driving around with my current roommate looking at his new place and how close it will be in relation to my new apartment. As we were driving I saw a 1-2 month old kitten in the middle of the road. Alone, scared and malnourished, this kitten looked like it was on its last leg. So I decided to pick the kitten up and provide it with a home for the time being.

Right now I have been so busy in my life, worrying about my health, fitness, job, friendships, and family I felt I didn't have time for another responsibility. Then I thought to myself "I am a 21 year old male, looking to constantly make the world a better place." Even though this is such a small contribution in the grand scheme of things, its the premise of what I am able to do and provide life with.

This correlates into the way we do everything else in life. Being able to show compassion and selflessness to help someone in need is crucial for all life on earth. Even though this little kitten wasn't a plan of mine, I look to help find it the best family possible to show it unfaltering love and compassion.

Show love, sympathy and compassion as you go into this weekend in all facets of life. Continuously trying to make the world a better place, while practicing this day in and day out only breeds positivity. Have a fantastic day everyone and work to always make yourself better.

In Strength,

Brett Ferguson


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