Sitting in his bedroom, Brett Ferguson stared blankly at his ceiling. As an upcoming senior at the University of South Carolina, he was supposed to feel excited - these are supposed to be the best years of his life. However, despite what his phone, the news, and - what seemed like - every other person said:  Brett wasn't satisfied. Brett wanted more. Knowing his life wasn't going to be full of sunshine and rainbows, he wasn't willing to settle for the easy route so many others seemed to settle for.


After telling a few close friends this psychological warfare, he realized he wasn't alone. They agreed: 

"enough is enough."


They decided that it was their responsibility to preach to our world that it is not through luxury that great humans are forged. Only through pain, toil, failure, and a continuous struggle will greatness be attainable.  They, we, need to change that precedent. It needed to happen:



The Struggle to Sovereignty is founded on the ideal of celebrating the daily human struggle. The celebration of life, no matter what obstacles lie ahead. This ideal allows us to constantly grow as individuals and achieve our desires.


Whether it be performing in front of thousands, owning your own company, writing a book, running a marathon, having a family - there are no limits. Celebrating the tough times promotes growth and development physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.


"Dulcius Ex Asperis."


The motto of the Struggle to Sovereignty. Translating to "Sweeter after difficulties", this motto embodies our community.  Pain, toil, failure, struggles are temporary:  fulfillment is forever. 

So, welcome aboard. We're glad you've joined our community. Lets make each other better.


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